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    What is Blockchain & Crypto?

    Blockchain technology is a peer-to-peer transparent public decentralised and distributed network, which enables blocks/ledgers that hold immutable data in a secure and encrypted way to transact and share data with one another without the involvement of a 3rd party (middlemen). Thereby creating a single source of truth by achieving consensus among distributed network nodes.

    Blockchain is the platform that provides a railroad for digital assets to function. Blockchain is the technology that forms the network, which provides the infrastructure to transact and transferring value or data represented in cryptocurrencies. Digital assets or cryptocurrencies are tokens used within the network to move value and pay for the transaction cost. Herby digital assets provide the function of a medium of exchange within the blockchain infrastructure.

    We have written an extensive and in-depth report covering crucial components of DLT & Blockchain. In addition provided our own opinions to where this industry is heading and which sectors are implementing Blockchain technology and what sector will most likely benefit and follow suit.

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    DLT & Blockchain Benefits

    Innovative approaches towards distributed ledger technologies usher in a new era of investing and digital asset ownership. Industries are continuously adopting these technologies as the result of the following characteristics associated with these networks.

    Decentralised Governance

    Decentralising the decision process of the network such as rules and how they are enforced. Empowering the individual.

    Censorship Resistance

    Send Money & Data to any recipient in the network without the approval of any third-party (Government or Banks)


    Providing an application, smart contract or Blockchain the ability to operate autonomously 24 hours 7 days a week.

    Security & Immutability

    Due to the decentralised consensus model the network is extremely safe. Once data is stored on Blockchain it is highly unlikely to be capable or susceptible of change.

    Eliminate middleman

    The peer-to-peer nature of the network, allows for the exclusion of middle men in the system architecture, leeching and burdening the transaction process.

    Transparency & Traceability

    Transaction data is transparent and traceable. Everyone can track a transactions on the Blockchain by means of recorded data or audit trail of information.

    A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

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    With so many options how does one analyse and locate the sustainable cryptos within this ecosystem? Don’t worry we will guide you all the way and your funds safety is our first priority.

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    Invested in Crypto

    This emerging asset class is minuscule compared to traditional finance and therefore, provides a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and change within social fabric of society.


    Want to invest, here is how we will guide you throughout your crypto journey.

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    Crypto Wallet & Cold storage

    Customer funds are the highest priority. Thereby, storing cryptocurrencies in cold storage wallets, shielding assets from hackers or malicious actors.

    • We have a Swiss regulated and approved banking license thereby, complying with all necessary AML & KYC procedures in order to keep funds save and be a trusted entity for our clients.

    • Storing all funds for secure industry standards.

    Investment in funds

    We provide our clients with diverse funds which match their risk tolerance and provide exposure across various ecosystems and technologies in the Blockchain space.

    • Personalised portfolio funds for each individual based on peculiar beliefs and comfort strategies.

    • We gravitate towards crypto projects which solve real world problems for real world customers and therefore, base our strategy on utility of the assets which will derive value in the long term.

    Crypto Wealth Management

    Due to severe volatility the crypto market can be very intimidating for new investors and scare them from obtaining exposure.

    • Hardened Crypto veterans will manage your money and are accustomed to these volatile movements in the market.

    • Years of experience with trading and cryptocurrencies aids towards mitigating panic selling and buying based on personal emotions which cloud rational and logic judgement.

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