What we offer

We offer a variety of flexible investment opportunities tailored for all investors.


Discover innovative solutions and applicaitons intended for the next industrial revolution driven by machines.

Forex market

Delve into fiat currencies (USD, EURO, etc) which is one of the biggest and well established markets in the world.

Stock market

Receive exposure by investing in up-and-coming stocks and companies aimed at changing the world.

Long term investments

Uncover great opportunities by searching for long-term value derived from innovative solutions.


Swap in and out of short-medium term investments in order to hedge your position and accumulate wealth.

Algorithmic automated bots

Experiment with algorithmic solutions aimed at earning money with out the involvement of human interaction.

Crypto Wallet & Cold storage

Customer funds are the highest priority. Thereby, storing all long-term invested cryptocurrencies in cold storage wallets, shielding assets from hackers or malicious actors.

  • See your cryptocurrencies in a transparent way ensuring trust between all parties involved.
  • Storing all funds for secure industry standards.

Investment in funds

We provide our clients with diverse funds which match their risk tolerance and provide exposure across various ecosystems and technologies in the Blockchain space.

  • Personalised portfolio funds for each individual based on peculiar beliefs and comfort strategies.

  • We gravitate towards crypto projects which solve real world problems for real world customers and therefore, base our strategy on utility of the assets which will derive value in the long term.

Crypto Wealth Management

Due to severe volatility the crypto market can be very intimidating for new investors and scare them from obtaining exposure.

  • Hardened Crypto veterans will manage your money and are accustomed to these volatile movements in the market.

  • Years of experience with trading and cryptocurrencies aids towards mitigating panic selling and buying based on personal emotions which cloud rational and logic judgement.

Trading for everyone

Diversify assets in order to mitigate risk and invest into  distinctive markets.

  • Allocated capital responsible and subjugate loss by investing in different use-cases.
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Blockchain Analytics

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A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

Join millions of people around the world and invest into this adolescent but ever maturing global marketplace.

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